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Daily Menù, Tourist Menù, Degree Menù and other events

DAILY MENÙ (Chef's recommendation)
Sundays and Pubblic Holidays not included
11,00 Euro.

First courses

Second courses

Side dishes & vegetables


animation 11 Euro

Pizza & drinks - 07,00 Euro
(Not on Sundays and Pubblic Holidays)
At lunchtime only

Groups of tourists, Congressisti,
school trips (other groups)
from 15,00 to 20,00 euro

The turist menu has a reduced Pur price keeping the quality.

The menu and the cost is to establish it with telephone contact (050 578520) or sending fax (050 973498) or sending the Web form (inserting specific requests in the message).

This menu can be customized for other events.
30,00 Euro

Seafood starter and delicatessen

Choise of two first courses

Second corse-choise of fish or meat

Side dishes

Personilized cake

Wine, sparkling white wine, brinks, and coffee.

Bella Napoli - Ristorante Pizzeria di Domizio Umberto
Via del Borghetto, 44 - 56100 Pisa
Tel.: 050 578520
Fax: 050 973498

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